Organ Donation

Nora Gaber’s final act of generosity was to donate her organs. While Houston’s Texas Medical Center is home to the world’s leading transplant surgeons, physicians and researchers, no organ transplant would be possible without donors – both living and deceased.

In 2011, over 750 deceased individuals in the Houston area gave the gift of life. These donations were facilitated by LifeGift, a Houston-based organ and tissue recovery agency. Hundreds of others donated tissue for transplants of corneas, bone for cancer patients and skin for burn patients.


Living donors accounted for 136 organ transplants in 2011 in the Texas Medical Center alone. Transplant hospitals now can coordinate donation ”swaps” in which a healthy individual can donate an organ on behalf of a loved one, even if you are not technically a “match” with that person. The recipient has a friend or family member who then returns the favor. While complicated, these swaps expedite transplants and may one day save even more lives than organs from deceased donors.

One organ and tissue donor can save or enhance as many as 58 lives. There is just one way to ensure that your desire to donate is honored – by enrolling in the Donate Life Texas Registry. Maintained by the State of Texas, the registry is a database of individuals who have officially indicated their wish to donate organs, tissues and/or eyes upon their death. Only organ recovery professionals can access the information in the Registry.

To register, go to today to become an organ and tissue donor. Taking just a few minutes now can save many lives later.